Girls on Adventure take on New York

When I decided to name my Blog “A Girl on Adventure”, I had the following in mind. I would blog about adventures in writing, achievements of historic and modern women, travel adventures, and features from readers and fellow writers. If interested in sharing your adventures, please contact me.

I’m glad to write about the latest travel adventure. For the first time since the pandemic started, Elanna and I went on the airplane for our first-ever mother/daughter trip. At the tender age of ten, Elanna is a seasoned traveler, but COVID-19 delayed our plans to traverse the world. Hopefully, we are back on track. And what better place to restart our journey than the Big Apple itself.


We hit the big touristy places which I’m sure you know: The Freedom Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Charging Bull, The Central Park Zoo. We drove around for an hour on the TopView double-decker bus. Fun idea but go with a different company. Now some places that made the trip for us.


Harry Potter Store. It’s not a huge place, but we spent an hour browsing. The vibe was there, especially on the lower level. The prices are what you would expect of New York and Harry Potter, like a cupcake for $9 and butterbeer for $12, or a t-shirt for $30, but for a Gryffindor like Elanna and a Ravenclaw like me, it’s worth it. Elanna told the staff that she’s ten and expecting her Hogwarts letter next year. Then she proceeded to do some spells with the wands. Since none of them worked, she left slightly disappointed.


Medieval times. We have one where we live but never went together. Elanna was all into the show, and we are convinced our knight won because of her wholehearted support. The food was surprisingly good, and you eat it without utensils.


A sweet moment to remember was Elanna interacting with the Fearless Girl.  The statue stands across from the Stock Exchange building, and Elanna took a liking to this girl exactly her height. I thought about what this statue may represent and decided that the girl is thinking about working at the Stock Exchange one day. Turns out, that is the intention.  The statue, designed by Kristen Visbal, promotes female empowerment. It had its share of controversies, especially when the girl was placed across from The Charging Bull statue. Please, no matter how fearless and determined your little girl is, don't let her stand in front of an angry bull. The new place is much more appropriate. 


In a way, it reminded me of a moment I was on my graduation outing, on the boat tour of Lake Michigan. I looked out on the Chicago skyline, which, living in the suburbs, I rarely saw, and I said to myself, this is where I want to work, in the heart of the city. My dream manifested itself, and I studies and worked in the Loop for the next twenty years.  Fearless girls, visualize your goal, and the universe will deliver.     

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